Tuesday 28 August 2012

Computer School-Kelong

I start the dream in a kind tertiary institution, an admin area. There are shelves in the background but a level up. A student stands by the shelf looking at open book in his hand, flipping a page. I am standing in front of a circular counter, an information desk. It is littered with files and folders. A neglected pot of artificial flowers sits at one end. The scene reminds of a student admin counter of a local foreign uni. Monash, I think.

A few paces away from where I stand, some students are sitting in front of computers accessing the Internet. One comes over and asks me about a change in her schedule. I say "Fine" and she returns to her place, happy.

I worry about a hacker's module I'm about to introduce. Will it attract students. How much skill should I impart? To hacking a phone or computer? I reason that hacking is not about breaking into secured devices; it's about the fine art of programming.

In the next scene, I am talking with Carmen. She is wondering what computer course she should take. She's trying to do something that will help in her work. I offer some comments and asks what sort of work she is doing or hope to advance to next. We talk and continue to look at some brochures.

Carmen's mom appear next. She is deciding what to cook. We are in a wet market and looking at a few yong tau foo items on a large stainless steel tray. The items seem to have been pre-fried. I'm OK with her choices as I happen to like tau foo. Or more precisely, tau kua.

On the dining table, a pizza is served. It is large, almost twice the normal size. On it is sprinkled generously tau kua bits mixed with minced pork. It's as if a tau kua pau has been chopped up and used as pizza topping. In any case, I seem to approve. Someone stands from his seat and sprinkles tobasco sauce all over the pizza.

Prawns, we must have prawns. I am at an off-shore prawn farm looking at how the critters are raised. They are as big as lobsters with two long spiny claws. They remind me of those found in Butterworth, Malaysia. Carmen's mom is there to show me around. She's the owner.

I enter a room and some colleagues from a factory are there. They are busy enjoying karaoke. A Grasshopper band plays. Jessy, a Grasshopper fan, approaches me and says, "Huh? Why like that want?" I look to where she is pointing. There are grasshoppers in the fishing nets. They kinda look like prawns.

Birds fly down and feast on those grasshoppers. We catch one and had it is steamed with cut red chilli. It's always freshest at the kelong! It looks like a black chicken, and is cooked in familial herbal sauce.

After the meal, I sit by the edge of what is now a kelong and enjoy the sunset. I fall asleep and wake.

Cause and effect:

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