Wednesday 22 August 2012

A Strange Race

I am shopping with a girlfriend and child. We have been looking for something, a toy most likely. I am tired and decides to look for a place to sit down.

I find a nice Spanish-style wooden table and rests my head on it.

I sense someone walking towards me and open my eyes, head still down. A woman in a green leotard is standing next to me. It is one of muted color, not the sort that's stretchy and bright. She has long curvy legs and a slight poochie tummy. Can it be Cheryl? I had taught her tennis many years ago and she has always considered me her 'sifu'. But she's one clingy friend and so I kept my distance.

I wait a while and hope she goes away; she doesn't.

I get up and try to put on a smile. "Hey Cheryl!" I exclaimed. She smiles. The next thing I know, I am waking up from another table. A dining one in her apartment.

A fancy dinner is going on with her, her husband Guna and some friends. A large silver fruit bowl catches my eye. Guna has just gotten his food and is settling into his seat at the table. I can tell he's having some sort of lemony custard dessert.

Cheryl calls. I get up to go fetch my food. The house looks positively expensive with pink marble tiles, etc. It has a bit of a Grecian-look about it. The kitchen has a cutaway and I approach it.

Two dogs come bouncing along. I hold my hand out for them to sniff as is the proper way to greet a dog. I then notice that their fur is like wool. They are blue and purple with twirls of yellow and red. It reminds me of the Wobbles, characters from a children's program; odd but beautiful all the same. The dogs are very friendly and licks me non-stop.

I wonder about the girlfriend in the mall. I should call her and let her know that I am safe. But I am enjoying the dogs and decides to postpone the call till later.

Cheryl tells the dogs to calm down. I get my food and  return to the table. Guna is speaking. "You have to join us, TC..." And with that, I am now in the next scene.

Guna is all togged up in his winter gear. We're in some sort of  snow-covered avenue between warehouse buildings. His pal is tuning up their racing sleighs. The sleighs look like they belonged to Santa but are huge and tall as a farm tractor. His pal then passes him a pair of googles and teaches him how to put it on. It has a kind of skull-strap.

The two sleighs line up and race off. Strangely, the speed crank is behind and has three speeds. They will have to race with one arm on the steering wheel and the other twisted behind to control the speed crank. Odd.

The sleighs speed down the track and take off on their individual rams, breaking through thin styrofoam walls for effect. Both sleighs land OK and disappear into the distance in a spray of snow.

On their return journey, the sleigh riders are now armed with broad swords. They are slashing at the Christmas decorations and the painted foam pieces are breaking and flying every which way. In the end, they reach the finishing line and Guna wins.

Next, it's my turn to tog up. Guna's pal, an ang-mo, wants to put the helmut on me. I hesitate and tell him I need to pee (which is true). I trudge away to the back of a warehouse, behind some crates to relieve myself. I worry about being seen. A young girl's laughter filters in from somewhere. A glass bottle drops and clatters about. I quickly relief myself and return to the sleighs.

Take the stuff out of your pockets or they are going to fall out, advised Guna.

I'm wearing cargo pants and so reach into my side pockets. There's are a few DVDs (still in their plastic jackets), a few game discs, a paperback book, a chain and pendant, etc. Quite a pile now sit on top of a crate. I am amazed. The last thing I dig out is a handphone. It is a shortened version of my regular phone. I cry out in horror. "Hey, this not my phone, it's Kate's!" I realise now I cannot call my girlfriend in the mall.

Cause and effect: This dream has quite a few recent catalyst elements. Gags for Laughs sketches, an Ericsson P900 phone in a movie, Guna and Cheryl's taste for expensive things - my perception. Their first HDB flat was normal but they paid overly much for its renovation ($90k for a $40k job?). A recent encounter with a toy poodle dog. Some psychedelic batik prints. A new and funny fast-action animated cartoon (that reminded me of Warner Brother's Road Runner and Coyote series), etc, etc.

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